The Author

I love to travel, read ebooks (Mostly horror,romance comedy, Supernatural) and do sports. I do love animal mostly cats, and love to listen a nice music.

For me Marketing is my passion in life.. unconsciously i always do market analyst (Competitor and Consumer Analyst) for my company’s profit.. My Friends said They’ll be so lonely without me because, eventhough i’m in a depress mood, i can lighten up my friend’s day :p–> from here you can see, that i’m an optimist and easy going person.. so cheer up!!

I love to write some stories and u can check them in my livejounal:D

i’m planning to make a wordpress for common news and marketing world and also for my personal use

pssstt–one secret (Chaliroce┬áis only my pen name)-just call me “Iro

to contact me:

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