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Identity Name Card for your Locker

Identity Name Card for your Locker

I moved to a new office and they gave me a key for a locker. You can put your name on the door of your locker. so i made some ideas to it. i’ll realization this idea on monday morning 23 April 2012. lol. (i’ll put some pictures afterward)
here is my design: at first i didn’t design it with cats.. lol and then my brother told me to add cats in my design, to show that you love cats (maybe you can use your hobby if you don’t know what you love). for japanese words idea, i took it from my nick name, “iro”. so i want to show my colleague what’s the meaning of my nick name. it means “minds path”.
You can make your own design to make your locker looks more cheerful. please don’t forget to share me yours:)
(i’ll share mine after i put it on my locker)

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April 21, 2012 · 1:09 pm

wow…pengen beli deh..dimana ya belinya??

dream indonesia

Seperti halnya hewan yang telah mengalami domestikasi (penjinakan), kucing hidup dalam hubungan mutualistik dengan manusia. Tapi sejarah mutualisme ini jauh lebih pendek dibandingkan dengan hewan domestikasi yang lain dan tingkat domestikasi kucing juga masih diperdebatkan. Karena keuntungan yang diperoleh dari adanya kucing, maka manusia membiarkan kucing liar berkeliaran di pemukiman. Nenek moyang kucing rumahan tidak terlalu dekat dengan pemiliknya, berbeda dengan hewan domestik yang lain. Sejarah inilah yang mungkin menyebabkan tidak adanya ikatan yang kuat yang dimiliki kucing pada pemiliknya. Akibatnya, kebanyakan pemilik kucing menganggap kucing adalah hewan yang tidak terlalu peduli dan mandiri. Namun, kucing dapat sangat dekat dengan pemiliknya, terutama jika ia dibesarkan sejak kecil dan sering mendapatkan perhatian.


Bagi anda pencinta kucing tentu sangat menarik jika mengerti bahasa kucing.   Mungkin suara kucing kesayangan anda sangat mengganggu dan masalahnya anda tidak tahu apa yang sedang ingin diutarakan oleh si kucing.

Nah.  sekarang sudah ada Meowlingual yaitu alat penerjemah…

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Stop another victim from secondhand smo”k(ill)er”

Let’s start to think smart and objective kay?? No hurt feeling here..

You might be very disappointed to have you to live in one roof with smokers and without you even realize, you have became a secondhand smoker. Even Though you don’t want to become one of them, you already one of the victims. 90% of my family is an active smokers. Only me who won’t smoke because i got an allergic with it. After 2 hours inhale secondhand smokes, i’ll have a non stop sneezing. But, when i tried to avoid or tell them to take a distance from me, they kind of ignored it or show their anger. But, fortunately for me, my family took it well after a while. It’s including my friend, They knew i don’t like people who is smoking and they keep on smoking in front of me. No word seems to infiltrate to their brain.

At least, Be a responsible smoker who aware of your surroundings. If you keep on smoking in a public area or non smoker area, you had become a potential killer. It’s just need to take more a little time for them to be killed by your tobacco toxic.

Maybe as a smoker, you won’t think that your cigarette cause any harm to us. But you are totally wrong. See the picture below:

I realized there’s something in tobacco that i can’t hold on and it caused my allergies. And i think it must be harmful. And here i found out what i would get from cigarettes:


Those diseases are leading from arsenic and ammonia to hydrogen cyanide — many of which have been proven to be toxic or to cause cancer (called carcinogens). High concentrations of many of these chemicals are found in secondhand smoke. In fact, secondhand smoke significantly increases a person’s risk for:
• respiratory infections (like bronchitis and pneumonia)
• asthma (secondhand smoke is a risk factor for the development of asthma and can trigger attacks in those who already have it)
• coughing, sore throats, sniffling, and sneezing
• cancer
• heart disease

Still think nothing harmful to people surrounding on you?

Why Smokers still increase in Indonesia?

Another Story that i found out, childrens are a fast learner. They quickly adapt to their parents behavior. And they will become one of your potential smoker after you. And you try to lead them to one of the widest death gates in the world. the global tobacco epidemic kills nearly 6 million people, including more than 600,000 who die from exposure to second-hand smoke.

Some questions arise around this problem, why do our government didn’t do anything about this problem if it has led global killer? Increasing the price of tobacco through higher taxes is the single most effective way to encourage tobacco users to quit and prevent children from starting to smoke. Actually this kind of action has increasing the government income. And here become another problem for government to ignore this problem that many labors is working in this industry.

Another Fact that i found out, people who smoking a lot is a certain people who want to run away from their problem so they give a little relish with smoking (Smoking is a hard habit to break because tobacco contains nicotine, which is highly addictive. Like heroin or other addictive drugs, the body and mind quickly become so used to the nicotine in cigarettes that a person needs to have it just to feel normal) or people who want to show them self as a cool person.

Why with building a cool image?

Tobacco Companies made some advertising and events to put a cool image, courage, gentleman, woman killer and smart. Different sector with rich people who smoking because their want to use it as social tools. 70% people who live below the poverty are an addict smokers. It’s really ironic since they can use their money much better to cover their needs than to smoke. the law are not strict in a public area and the less of society consciousness also drive to increase smoker in Indonesia. (oh come on, you can see in a public transport or your work place, there are some people who ignore the rules).

One Comment from me, Smoking is a habit. If you want to stop it you have to start it by your strong willingness to stop it. No one can stop it except you. By stopping it, at least you make a lot saving and help to make less of another victims come from this small killer increased.


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Nice tips..i’ll try to follow them and give a review after a month

click your hobby

Memelihara kucing itu menyenangkan. Apalagi saya memang orangnya penyayang kepada sesama makhluk hidup #eeaaa. Meski terlihat meyenangkan, membuat kucing kita mudah diatur dan jadi penurut itu susah. Karena itulah, kali ini, saya ingin berbagi dengan para pembaca tentang bagaimana agar kucing peliharaan kita mudah diatur. Caranya beda dengan ketika kita mengatur adik atau pacar yaaa. Hehe

Yuk, simak tips berikut 😀

  1. Usahakan untuk memelihara kucing sejak usia masih kecil. Karena, di usia yang masih sangat kecil, akan lebih mudah baginya untuk terbiasa dengan kita. Sama halnya dengan manusia. Makin gede makin susah diatur.
  2. Beri nama kucing piaraan anda dan selalu panggil dia dengan nama itu. Dengan begitu, ia akan mengenali suara anda dan tau ketika ia sedang dipanggil. Lakukan hal ini sedari dia kecil.
  3. Pijat tengkuknya dan rajin-rajinlah mengelusnya. Sama seperti manusia (baca: cewek), kucing juga senang dielus, diperhatikan, dan di sayangi. Hehehe.
  4. Ajak dia main dengan mainannya favoritnya…

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Activation of Promotion Tools in Jakarta

Jakarta is the mother city of Indonesia’s Country. Too much traffic jam in Indonesia has showed us of how many people using their private vehicles to go to Jakarta (Mostly for work) from side city. On their way to go to office, i bet, they trapped in a traffic jam. of course they will get bored on the way. so i ask some questions about what promotion tools that snatched your attention at Jakarta?

These respondents mostly using their own vehicles and using public transportation. so they will think objectively from their perceptions as experienced people. their ages are among 18-40 years old, and i think they are wise and think objective because they can operate a “social media” which very difficult for people to understand.

here are the options:

1. Baloon Advertising

Their unique shape always attract people’s attention. if you want to use this kind of advertising, it’s better for consumer products. you have to remember by using this baloon advertising, ordinary people can also using it. Baloon advertising always being used to announce a new product or give a sign for their place.

2. Posters

the point that you have to remember in here, poster is only for limited time. mostly show their best design than words. if you got too much words people will get bored with it. You have to make a statement like announcing an idea. it’s suitable to announce a service.

3. Billboard

The Idea of Billboard is just like poster. if Poster for limited time and very short time, but not for billboard. because it’s for a moment, you have to make it creatively. And it will attract people because it’s a lot bigger than poster and baloon. Remember, better to show the action than only a word. you can use it for a corporate retails.

4. Brochures

Give an explanation about your products and company so people can get acknowledge with your company is the purpose of brochures. you can reach people/corporate retails in this product.

5. Mini Bus Advertising

Right now, a lot of corporate retails introduce their self with this kind of advertising. such as: dunia virtual, ragnarok, etc. this kind of advertising have to see their target market. So they can easily penetrate to target market’s place. their point to use this is to make brand awareness.

The Result of Jakarta Promotion Tools:

The winner is Billboard with 42%, people easily watch around them whenever they trapped in a traffic jam. a good atmosphere with suitable condition of Billboard place could be influence Indonesia Consumer’s preference.2nd you can use mini bus advertising to attract people in a special target place.(Jakarta) -Iro-

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Beautiful Rings to Show Your Love

Every Ring in here has a different meaning and a different history:

1. A ring which left a sunburn love message


The History started from korean singer who had this rings. one day, she broke up with her lover and try to get rid of the ring. when she put off the ring, there was a sunburn print on her skin, written: “marry me”. and then, she finally got back and they finally live happily ever after. (Nah! the last Word is my version though) lol
this kind of ring have two written version : “Marry Me” and “Always Love You”. want to make a sign that she is belong to you?

2. Infinity Love

Infinity Ring — The inspiration of design is from the math symbols ∞ in the name of limitless. It shows romance between the lovers which is limitless. It will make you remember that it is plenty enough to have a love like this. a message in this ring is “love u for infinity

3. Caladdagh Ring

It Started from Ardagh Chalice history. The Ardagh Chalice has become such a strong inspiration and influence to people especially to artists that Celtic warrior rings have been crafted to exemplify the wondrous beauty and intricacy of this chalice. The magnificent chalice has become the basis for the design of the Celtic warrior ring — Caladdagh Ring. ( This is my favorite ring among all of them. It’s full with Ancient, Romantic, Loyality Values. Worn on the right hand, with crown and heart facing out, the ring tells that the wearer’s heart is yet to be won. While under love’s spell it is worn with heart and crown facing inwards.
Wearing the ring on the left hand, with the crown and heart facing inwards, signifies that your love has been requited. (


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The 15th years old boy is working as a public transportation driver at Jakarta

The 15th years old boy work as a public transportation driver at Jakarta

I’m a little bit stupefied when i rode a public transportation on the way to my office near kuningan.
When i got in to the car i can not stop my self not to stare at him (The Driver). it’s a little bit rude, so i start to ask a few of questions. i think he is just too young to drive a car. how old is he? how can he drive a car? does he has a license?where is his parents? before i assumed it with my own imagination , i already started a conversation with him.

Me: “ are a genius for driving this old are u?”
Driver: ” 15th Neng (Neng is “Miss/Lady” in Indonesia)’s a common thing.”
Me: “how can you say that’s a common thing? i can not even drive a car by myself.”
Driver: “eh really Neng??it’s so rare to find an adult who is not being able to drive these days”
Me : “lol..i don’t even have a car to learn. who taught you? where are you come from?”
Driver: “i came from side village near Bogor Neng, my boss who is the owner of this public transportation car has asked me if i want to learn to drive when i was fixing his car.”
Me: “oh you also worked as a car mechanic? I see. how did you learn at first?”
Driver: “it’s easy actually, start the engine first, try to drive it to forward and backward, after that, start to parked your car. that’s it..and he asked me to be the driver for this route way.”
Me: “oh..i did you have a license to drive?”
Driver: “no, it’ll be difficult (he is not in a legal age to drive) so i took this route to avoid the police man”
Me: “oh..why don’t you continue to study?” (how stupid i am to ask this kind of questions.)
Driver: “what can i say? the school now is so expensive. and at least i can manage to have my commission.”
and i realized that i’m arrived at the end of this route and have to depart to continue to next public transportation.
Me: “thank a lot, i’m having a nice chat with you”.
Driver: “you are welcome Neng..”

he was so polite. i don’t want to ask further about his family and etc. what i see in here, there are still many people in this country who don’t have their rights to have obligatory education. it’s so sad yet it’s interesting. he is still not give up to study and learn more. yet, so many people in this country who can obtain to obligatory education but waste it with a high of social lifestyle. one bottle of wine? (and they don’t realize with one gulp of wine we can afford to buy a book so they can learn more knowledge). Smoking (one pack of cigarette in Indonesia cost around Rp. 12.000, let’s see by you smoke in a day with 2 packs each day and in a month you make an additional expense living around Rp. 720.000. seriously, i’m shocked with this figures). And do you think with your work at office and wasting that much money make you look smarter than those drivers? well, have a nice day. -Iro-

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April 3, 2012 · 4:53 am