The 15th years old boy is working as a public transportation driver at Jakarta

The 15th years old boy work as a public transportation driver at Jakarta

I’m a little bit stupefied when i rode a public transportation on the way to my office near kuningan.
When i got in to the car i can not stop my self not to stare at him (The Driver). it’s a little bit rude, so i start to ask a few of questions. i think he is just too young to drive a car. how old is he? how can he drive a car? does he has a license?where is his parents? before i assumed it with my own imagination , i already started a conversation with him.

Me: “ are a genius for driving this old are u?”
Driver: ” 15th Neng (Neng is “Miss/Lady” in Indonesia)’s a common thing.”
Me: “how can you say that’s a common thing? i can not even drive a car by myself.”
Driver: “eh really Neng??it’s so rare to find an adult who is not being able to drive these days”
Me : “lol..i don’t even have a car to learn. who taught you? where are you come from?”
Driver: “i came from side village near Bogor Neng, my boss who is the owner of this public transportation car has asked me if i want to learn to drive when i was fixing his car.”
Me: “oh you also worked as a car mechanic? I see. how did you learn at first?”
Driver: “it’s easy actually, start the engine first, try to drive it to forward and backward, after that, start to parked your car. that’s it..and he asked me to be the driver for this route way.”
Me: “oh..i did you have a license to drive?”
Driver: “no, it’ll be difficult (he is not in a legal age to drive) so i took this route to avoid the police man”
Me: “oh..why don’t you continue to study?” (how stupid i am to ask this kind of questions.)
Driver: “what can i say? the school now is so expensive. and at least i can manage to have my commission.”
and i realized that i’m arrived at the end of this route and have to depart to continue to next public transportation.
Me: “thank a lot, i’m having a nice chat with you”.
Driver: “you are welcome Neng..”

he was so polite. i don’t want to ask further about his family and etc. what i see in here, there are still many people in this country who don’t have their rights to have obligatory education. it’s so sad yet it’s interesting. he is still not give up to study and learn more. yet, so many people in this country who can obtain to obligatory education but waste it with a high of social lifestyle. one bottle of wine? (and they don’t realize with one gulp of wine we can afford to buy a book so they can learn more knowledge). Smoking (one pack of cigarette in Indonesia cost around Rp. 12.000, let’s see by you smoke in a day with 2 packs each day and in a month you make an additional expense living around Rp. 720.000. seriously, i’m shocked with this figures). And do you think with your work at office and wasting that much money make you look smarter than those drivers? well, have a nice day. -Iro-


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April 3, 2012 · 4:53 am

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