Activation of Promotion Tools in Jakarta

Jakarta is the mother city of Indonesia’s Country. Too much traffic jam in Indonesia has showed us of how many people using their private vehicles to go to Jakarta (Mostly for work) from side city. On their way to go to office, i bet, they trapped in a traffic jam. of course they will get bored on the way. so i ask some questions about what promotion tools that snatched your attention at Jakarta?

These respondents mostly using their own vehicles and using public transportation. so they will think objectively from their perceptions as experienced people. their ages are among 18-40 years old, and i think they are wise and think objective because they can operate a “social media” which very difficult for people to understand.

here are the options:

1. Baloon Advertising

Their unique shape always attract people’s attention. if you want to use this kind of advertising, it’s better for consumer products. you have to remember by using this baloon advertising, ordinary people can also using it. Baloon advertising always being used to announce a new product or give a sign for their place.

2. Posters

the point that you have to remember in here, poster is only for limited time. mostly show their best design than words. if you got too much words people will get bored with it. You have to make a statement like announcing an idea. it’s suitable to announce a service.

3. Billboard

The Idea of Billboard is just like poster. if Poster for limited time and very short time, but not for billboard. because it’s for a moment, you have to make it creatively. And it will attract people because it’s a lot bigger than poster and baloon. Remember, better to show the action than only a word. you can use it for a corporate retails.

4. Brochures

Give an explanation about your products and company so people can get acknowledge with your company is the purpose of brochures. you can reach people/corporate retails in this product.

5. Mini Bus Advertising

Right now, a lot of corporate retails introduce their self with this kind of advertising. such as: dunia virtual, ragnarok, etc. this kind of advertising have to see their target market. So they can easily penetrate to target market’s place. their point to use this is to make brand awareness.

The Result of Jakarta Promotion Tools:

The winner is Billboard with 42%, people easily watch around them whenever they trapped in a traffic jam. a good atmosphere with suitable condition of Billboard place could be influence Indonesia Consumer’s preference.2nd you can use mini bus advertising to attract people in a special target place.(Jakarta) -Iro-

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