How to cure a Cat’s Diarrhea


Nifuroxazide or well known as “Nifural” at my country.

i have a male cat, he got diarrhea last week. no vomit though. a lil raise on his body temperature.

(if u hold your cat and snuggle with him, you’ll knew the change of his body temperature)

i think it’s because of the drastically change on weather .

(Check The references 1. to know how can your cat got diarrhea).

I confused how to cure him. but he still want to eat.

I visited a doctor on a pet shop. the doctor said i need to give him “Flagin” to cure him and buy gastro intestinal (royal canin food products) if there’s no result in 2 days, i’ll take him to the doctor.


Flagin is a medicine for toddlers. So i visited this drugstore and the pharmacist told me to give him “Nifural”, he said it’s best for baby. i consider my cat as a baby –> he is not a kitten anymore though

(=_= “) sorry babe.

i checked on him everyday, keep him clean and fresh (do not bath him). gave more water and less on food ( when he is on diarrhea he will need a lot of water). put the medicine on his bowl of water. for the 1st night u have to focus to see his reaction. u’ll see it only in a night if it doesn’t good for your cat. see the progress, if nothing bad happens keep on give him the medicine for 3 days. why i dare to give him the medicine because it’s safe for baby human. so i think it’ll safe for my cat 🙂

and after three days, thanks to The God, he got better.



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