How to Count your own tax?? (Indonesia Tax)

In Indonesia,

Don’t let your guard off, we have to know your own taxes cut.

please, try to cut it by your self.

if you’re having difficulties to count it by your self, use this :

so here we go, if u got under 2 million rupiah, u don’t have to pay for your salary tax. (it’s still in government plans, i don’t know the exact realization acts) if your company has refused to stop to cut your salary, show this and the strong document.

For the detailed document you can check it here:

one thing from me is:

in every where, you have to be brave. this is your rights to have your salary. and it’s your responsibility to pay it off.

don’t let the chance slip off, if u let it off, one day they’ll do the same and only take it easy.

HRD roles are to support our rights. but sometimes they can slip off and you have to stand for your self.

have a nice day.. hope it’s useful for u~~


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