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Pengertian dan Mempelajari proses Riset Pemasaran

Untuk lebih mengerti bagaiman sebuah riset berjalan berikut lampiran marketing research in a basic understanding

Riset Pemasaran mendasar

Terdiri didalamnya:

Pengertian Riset

Proses Penelitian

Tahap Desain

Riset Pemasaran Mendasar

Jenis-Jenis Penelitian

Pendekatan : Kualitatif vs Kuantitatif

Tujuan Penggunaan : Murni VS Terapan

Tujuan Penjelasan: Deskriptif, Eksplanantif, Eksploratif

Dimensi Waktu: Cross Sectional vs Longitudinal

Pengertian Sample

Proses Penentuan Sample

Sample Probabilistik

Sample Non Probabilistik

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My adorable cats

I have a story on the last of 21st July 2012. I brought my cat (Grey) to my mother house. i think i already got that when he has arrived there, he was in stress. My mother already own many cats and my intention to brought him home was to meet and match with her cats. But unfortunately, my mother’s cats already think of him as enemy. Grey never hissed on me before however, he did that. And this was the first time i saw him like this. I thought that he just disappointed to be moved to my mother house. on the 1st day he already doesn’t want to eat. And always hissed whenever anyone got near with him. I tried to make him calm, so i just spent a night at my mother’s house. and he slept next to me.
On the 2nd day i had to prepare for going home at my sister’s house. i already want to home at 10 am. I supposed to meet with my best friend at 12 o’clock later. When i arrived home, my mother called that Grey only want to drink and eat a little even though they already change the water and food.
On the 3rd day, at 6 pm my mother called me and my sister to pick him up for home. She was afraid to have my cat death because Grey refused to eat and drink. He didn’t communicate well with others. So i went to my mother’s house at 8 pm. I saw him so lifeless. He didn’t even aware that I was entered the main house. no respond at all from my mother voice which asked him to eat and drink. I thought he was near to death. Then my father told me they already tried to release him at my mother’s room. But he was scratching and biting everywhere. i tried to get close on him, let him smell on me. He moved a little, it’s like he just realized that i was at his side. Then i open the cage and hug him. He didn’t even scratch or bite me. He gave more snuggle on the side of my neck. My sister asked to hug him too. And he accepted my sister like he already knew her. My mother surprised by his abrupt changed on his behavior. “why doesn’t he hiss? Oh look at that … he is crying. Why when with you he didn’t even bite nor scratch?” my mother asked.
My father said, “I think it is because you are the one who held him from he born till now, he doesn’t want anyone to hold him except you and your sister”. I admit it, his lifeless expression became full of spirit. “ look at his eyes, he even looks so energetic, it’s so different from before” my father said. My mother cried because she felt relished that nothing happen with Grey. That he only miss us.
On the way to home, he is very energetic, he played non-stop with me. I made a word with my sister to take him on my bed so he can comfortably to sleep. When we arrived at home, he moved on my stomach so he can get sleep. He wanted to eat if i gave him the food by my hands. And he spent more to sleep next to me 🙂
I told my mother about his progression and she said, “what an actor!”.

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beatiful animal

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H and C on a Car means

So I went with my family today. I got a new knowledge about car, just a simple one. My father drove the car and suddenly being startled by a bright of red lamp on “H” word close by speedometer. Yeah we don’t know what’s the meaning. So I search on google, “H on a car means a rise of temperature on the engine”.
“C means the engine of temperature was lower than normal”
My sister asked to add some water to carburetor tube. But our friend has asked us not to open the tube. We turn off the AC and the red lamp on “H ” became off afterward. After 1 hours, we turn on the AC.
Another speculation, the reason it was became heat beyond normal temperature is because we were trapped on a long traffic jam.

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