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How to trim you cat’s claws

every two weeks, when his claws sharper, i’ll cut them right away. i can’t bring him to the pet shop. i got a little traumatize because of the pet shop staff can’t cut his claws. yes, he is wild. very wild. he can hurt anyone except me and my sister. so here is the major plans:

After take him for playing all days:

1. take him for a bath

2. drying his furs.

3. fill his stomach with something warm (milk and foods).

4. he will fall to sleep.

when he fell to sleep i always pet him so he can familiarize to my scent.


Press his paws, and the claws will get out from its hiding. See the picture above, “Do not cut near to the pink side”. if it get cuts, it will hurt your cat. it’s containing blood.


Cats like to scratch on surfaces because scratching knocks off the outer covering on their claws. so be sure that after you cut it, try to dig from side of his claws. It’s hurt him if you don’t dig out from his claws.Image

after perfectly clipped his claws, now you have to trim their furs near their paws.


if you don’t cut it, it will decrease their sensor. they will have lost in balance. as long it doesn’t cover the plantar and digital, it will be all right.

you can read some references from here:


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October 22, 2012 · 7:25 am