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Floods, Jakarta and Biopori

It such a big home work for our new governor, Mr. Jokowi to fix up the long time task which is never end in jakarta capital. Floods. Every time the rainy season comes,we have to prepare ourselves for the big flood to come (around 1-4 meters high, but mostly the maximum height of flood is range in 2 meters). by other word

if Bogor is flooded, probably we have lost Jakarta


For your information, the main problem is not only from geographical problem, but also the individual who lives in the city. The big shared pie of Indonesia’s population is located at Jakarta. From 240 Millions people, more than 129 millions people live at Jakarta.


Every year, people from sub-urban and other cities moved to Jakarta. they don’t even care to live near river and it’s not a new story for them to throw their trashes to the river. people who care about this problem already tired to tell them about it. But when they got a problem they accused the government for not helping them. Well… what can i say? Some of citizens also throw their trashes on the road and never think twice.


Due to increased on civil population at Jakarta, people has used underground water to meet their daily needs. The exploitation uses of groundwater in Jakarta have caused of land subsidence. The reason which we barely aware of.
Those problems have a big impact to our environment, especially to floods. Truthfully, i never encounter a widespread and deep flood at Jakarta like today. we even have a few days off of our office! yay… oopss. Some people brought their own Rubber Boats, Wood Cart and they rent it to citizens. Indonesia people always amuse me, even though they are in a big problem like this they can see the opportunity and work on it. They still try to find the enjoy point to keep them happy 😀 Great! Now let’s get back to the topic.


To solve Jakarta’s flooding problem is not only from government, but, also from individuals whose living in it. people have to understand and work together.

I heard that to prevent bigger flooding happens at Jakarta, The government needs to make a deep and big dam, like in Netherlands. Another plan is to make a big space under Jakarta city, like in Thailand. To do those plans, of course it requires a lot of money. But since 2011, some of place in Jakarta have made a lot of Biopori Hole. Biopori hole can be established in anywhere even on your own garden. We don’t need a lot of money to put in organic trashes. In fact, it would be better if you build near at a big tree close to your house. For a big scale of citizens such as Jakarta, we need to build around 76 Millions of Biopori Holes. Till today, we successfully manage to built 5 millions of biopori Holes. Jakarta still need around 70 millions of Biopori Holes. What are you going to do from now? start to stop on throwing your own trashes on the road and river? or start to build a biopori hole around your home-sweet-home.

Here is an example for people who want to build a biopori hole next to their house:



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