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“Camera 360” online

Lol it’s not a real adobe photoshop or Camera 360 download links.

my office prohibited me to install any application, except we have proposed to the IT team first.

so i tried to find an alternative to edit the picture without install Adobe Photoshop(actually i have requested it, but the IT team said it’s difficult to find). 

so yesterday, i found this online link:


the application is rather similar with Camera 360 in android application, but still far from Adobe photoshop of course. but you can edit a simple thing such as :brightness, beauty, or adding some make up.

i think, it’s easy to edit with this website. i don’t have to waste my time to download it or confused how to do it.

try it by your self:)


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Ming Dine and Chill at Epicentrum

Hi, long time no update for my blog.
A few days ago, i had a lunch with my Qualitative team. @Ming Dine and Chill at epicentrum mall. anyway that was the 1st time for me to visit the Epicentrum.
From, we got some vouchers, usually the price above from 150 thousand, but we only need to pay around 99 thousand.
The entrance looks very classy, on my right side from my dinner table, i could see a big bar table.
so the restaurant was stand side by side from the spanish restaurant.


because it’s all you can eat, so i ordered:
Fried yam dumplings with chicken–>contains 3 pcs
Deep fried bean curd skin rolls with prawns–>contains 4 pcs
steamed shrimp dumplings–>contains 4 pcs
i ordered with numbers.
i didn’t know the Fried yam dumplings with chicken were that big. i was afraid that i couldn’t finish that dish. because if you ordered and you couldn’t finish them, you will be charged for the leftover foods.

anyway, i mistaken, eventhough it has a  big size, i found the taste was very tasty. i eat those 3 dumplings by myself. so far those  Fried yam dumplings with chicken is my favorite.


the service was rather slow and they didn’t have enough ingredients for hakau or baked mini egg tarts(my friends tried to order it again), they said the ingredients for that menu was used up. or maybe it’s a policy from the restaurant management to limit the order?? who knows?

anyway, for food everything was pretty nice. the service was not really fast but still acceptable for me.

Still good enough to try!^^


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