4 Fingers Crispy Chicken

Have you heard 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken?

My friend Diaz just bought a voucher from disdus. he only needed to pay around 85.000 for 6 menus.

Diaz and yoha4 chicken fingers food

i ate with my friend at Epicentrum walk, the place is comfy and somehow make me remember of KFC/Burgerking, but this one is quiter and more comfortable (and of course more expensive lol)

Camera 360

if you want to hangout with your boyfriend/girlfriend, but you want to talk much instead of eating, you can suggest it to your boyfriend/girlfriend. at epicentrum walk, the place is just in the front of TVOne’s studio. near XXI Epiwalk.

The service is average, the food taste is no better, but still okay (they said the drumstick is very well-known, but unfortunately we can’t try that on that time, maybe next time).

from my perceptive, it’s just as good as i have visited this place :), but i didn’t feel any stimulations to make me want to visit this restaurant repetitively :). from the menu price is range between 30-50 thousand. i tried the Mint Tea, Rp. 13000 before tax.. the taste is pretty nice, but maybe they can make it a little bit better by using a pretty glass to make it looks more presentable (because they give me a plastic glass that looks so cheap, so i’m still thinking the taste is not equal with the price.)

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