Mie Thai (Setiabudi one)

Okay, this is the 2nd time for me visited this restaurant. at first, i’m a little bit forgot that this was the same restaurant that i have visited with my boyfriend or not. when i see the quantity of the dishes.. okay i was certained that this is the same restaurant.

There’s no small menu on there, so just consider the standart size. the size is too small even it’s called as standart. but the service is pretty nice.Image the price is quite high and not equal with the taste, so far all my friends have said about their dissapointment regarded the food taste and the quantity.

so far all my team’s favorite is this barbecued gouramy, they didn’t dissapoint with this one 🙂

Barbecued Gouramy_Mie thai

The second one goes to this grilled squid, they added the sauce topping : taste a little bit spicy and sour, i think they use oyster sauce with chilli flakes

Grilled Squid

so far, those are the recommended dishes, if you want to ask about tom yum, the taste of tomyum sauce was not really tasty and no one vote for the dish. they didn’t even comment after taste it, so it must be…. 🙂


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