Dim Sum 48 (Menteng)

Alright, i visited this restaurant yesterday with my team.
So we used livingsocial vouchers and it’s all you can eat restaurant. (with tim sum, etc)

So here is my review:


  • i would recommend tim hakau and siew mai
  • i like lumpia udang goreng and kulit tahu, it has citrus aroma
  • my table manager service is pretty good (he encouraged us to finish everything on table, yes it felt like a match)
  • nice ambience, calm and relaxing


  • you can not help your friend from other table, you have to finish everything that you have ordered
  • they keep on reminding you every 5-10 minutes about time that you only have 2 hours to sit and enjoy your food
  • before 2 hours i want to order something else because they didn’t give my lists (and i already give it a day ago). and  guess what?? they reluctantly to give me the menu and keep on reminding that you can not waste the food.  so annoying, i raised my voice to make them listen to me.
  • I wish the talas goreng would taste better than just like curry instant seasoning
  • I ordered fried rice too, i have checked the menu and choose the expensive one, but you know?? i barely even see the seafood in my fried rice.


in summary: this my first time and it’s going to be my last time to visit this place.

dimsum 48

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