MAD (lotte-avenue mall)

Hi, i have visited this restaurant (Modern Asia Dining) with my best friend and my boy friend.
So i bought 3 livingsocial vouchers and it’s “Chinese” all you can eat restaurant.

So here is my review:


  • the food is excellent
  • i like all the prawn menus, it’s fresh, very juicy!!
  • the service is good(overall), only one maid who was not too friendly. and after i saw her, i think because she was busy taking other’s orders. so i just ignored her. (teamwork is the best in here, that’s why i can ignore her attitude)
  • i would say it has a romantic ambience (with city view), relaxing
  • eventhough we are using living social vouchers, they are kind to us. very structured in order of working
  • they also provide some alcohol beverages, it is a good place to bring your client


  • unfortunately, all the vouchers are without drinks :p

would i recommend this restaurant? yes, of course, i will visit this restaurant again after july. (yes i already made a schedule with friends)

it has the same condition that we need to finish eating in 2 hours, but they didn’t rush us or always remind us about the time.

Position of the restaurant is next of  XXI

  • Lotte Shopping Avenue 4th floor unit 33, Ciputra World 1. Jln.Prof.Dr.Satrio kav 3-5 ,Karet Kuningan, Jakarta, Indonesia 12940
  • Phone: (021) 29889499 (better to make reservation first)


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