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Long time no update!! I have closed my path account

Hahahaha! 2014 to be exact was my latest update in this WordPress page. When I saw my friend’s WordPress page, she is still updating hers, even if  just once a month. I feel so ashamed that I have neglected this WordPress page. forgive me, from now on I will try to update it  every once in a while and share my stories.


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Since I have been working in market research I have avoided sharing some knowledge that I gained from research projects. I don’t update in FB, twitter, path, Instagram, or any place where my clients or their competitors might see.  Yes, I really protect the confidentiality agreement very well.

About 1-2 years ago, I decided to uninstall my path account. You will see my reason.

There are some Social Media that I am still using, since I still get some benefits from them:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Linkedin
  4. Twitter
  5. Pinterest
  6. Path – uninstalled

I have a list of my reasons in using all the above:

  1. Facebook: Yes, I am still using Facebook and I am proud of it. lol. I gain so many information from Facebook, maybe because i have many friends that really love sharing  new things in their timeline, so I keep re-sharing some topics that catch my interest. Mostly I use Facebook as an educational portal or share some funny videos to brighten my friends’ day. It’s also a place for me to learn and speak out my thoughts. But I don’t really set my account settings to ‘public’, since I know not many people are open minded enough with everything that I share. Especially about political views or some hot issues around me.
  2. Instagram: I became more diligent in updating it since a year ago. I forgot what have triggered me the most. Currently I use Instagram to update my traveling experiences, sharing coffee or food, my pets’ pictures, my arts, cultures and fashion. I rarely update my own selfies or stuff from private life lol.
  3. Linkedin: it enables me to learn some tips from senior workers; observing people’s journey (especially in their career) is interesting. It helps you create a wider network of connections too, since  I am working in research. It also helps me to target some potential expert respondents to be interviewed by me.
  4. Twitter: I rarely update stuff on here. I only use it to read some news.
  5. Pinterest: As you may know, I make designs, drawings and I sew clothes. Pinterest is a source of information to help me in creating some creative designs and tips.
  6. Path: I got bored with Path. People update about themselves too much in Path, which is the same benefit you can actually get with Instagram. Personally, I don’t get why you still need Path. The only benefit that i can get from Path is the latest music update, lol. The purpose of path is to add some close friends so you can know them better. Aren’t you supposed to be close friends to add people on
    Path? So then why you do need to learn stuff about them in Path? Okay I will explain, Indonesian people has a tendency not to straightforwardly reject other people. “ga -enakan”  is a culture in Indonesia. The words means “uncomfortable” in Bahasa Indonesia; as in, you feel uncomfortable in rejecting people to their face. So in Path, even though  you are not close with some people, you still accept their friend requests because of this. That is the reason I uninstalled my Path app and never use it anymore. Beside, if I really want to know that person, I will approach him/her personally.

*Everything is based on my subjective views,  people can agree and disagree with me.


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