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How to trim you cat’s claws

every two weeks, when his claws sharper, i’ll cut them right away. i can’t bring him to the pet shop. i got a little traumatize because of the pet shop staff can’t cut his claws. yes, he is wild. very wild. he can hurt anyone except me and my sister. so here is the major plans:

After take him for playing all days:

1. take him for a bath

2. drying his furs.

3. fill his stomach with something warm (milk and foods).

4. he will fall to sleep.

when he fell to sleep i always pet him so he can familiarize to my scent.


Press his paws, and the claws will get out from its hiding. See the picture above, “Do not cut near to the pink side”. if it get cuts, it will hurt your cat. it’s containing blood.


Cats like to scratch on surfaces because scratching knocks off the outer covering on their claws. so be sure that after you cut it, try to dig from side of his claws. It’s hurt him if you don’t dig out from his claws.Image

after perfectly clipped his claws, now you have to trim their furs near their paws.


if you don’t cut it, it will decrease their sensor. they will have lost in balance. as long it doesn’t cover the plantar and digital, it will be all right.

you can read some references from here:


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October 22, 2012 · 7:25 am

My adorable cats

I have a story on the last of 21st July 2012. I brought my cat (Grey) to my mother house. i think i already got that when he has arrived there, he was in stress. My mother already own many cats and my intention to brought him home was to meet and match with her cats. But unfortunately, my mother’s cats already think of him as enemy. Grey never hissed on me before however, he did that. And this was the first time i saw him like this. I thought that he just disappointed to be moved to my mother house. on the 1st day he already doesn’t want to eat. And always hissed whenever anyone got near with him. I tried to make him calm, so i just spent a night at my mother’s house. and he slept next to me.
On the 2nd day i had to prepare for going home at my sister’s house. i already want to home at 10 am. I supposed to meet with my best friend at 12 o’clock later. When i arrived home, my mother called that Grey only want to drink and eat a little even though they already change the water and food.
On the 3rd day, at 6 pm my mother called me and my sister to pick him up for home. She was afraid to have my cat death because Grey refused to eat and drink. He didn’t communicate well with others. So i went to my mother’s house at 8 pm. I saw him so lifeless. He didn’t even aware that I was entered the main house. no respond at all from my mother voice which asked him to eat and drink. I thought he was near to death. Then my father told me they already tried to release him at my mother’s room. But he was scratching and biting everywhere. i tried to get close on him, let him smell on me. He moved a little, it’s like he just realized that i was at his side. Then i open the cage and hug him. He didn’t even scratch or bite me. He gave more snuggle on the side of my neck. My sister asked to hug him too. And he accepted my sister like he already knew her. My mother surprised by his abrupt changed on his behavior. “why doesn’t he hiss? Oh look at that … he is crying. Why when with you he didn’t even bite nor scratch?” my mother asked.
My father said, “I think it is because you are the one who held him from he born till now, he doesn’t want anyone to hold him except you and your sister”. I admit it, his lifeless expression became full of spirit. “ look at his eyes, he even looks so energetic, it’s so different from before” my father said. My mother cried because she felt relished that nothing happen with Grey. That he only miss us.
On the way to home, he is very energetic, he played non-stop with me. I made a word with my sister to take him on my bed so he can comfortably to sleep. When we arrived at home, he moved on my stomach so he can get sleep. He wanted to eat if i gave him the food by my hands. And he spent more to sleep next to me 🙂
I told my mother about his progression and she said, “what an actor!”.

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How to cure a Cat’s Diarrhea


Nifuroxazide or well known as “Nifural” at my country.

i have a male cat, he got diarrhea last week. no vomit though. a lil raise on his body temperature.

(if u hold your cat and snuggle with him, you’ll knew the change of his body temperature)

i think it’s because of the drastically change on weather .

(Check The references 1. to know how can your cat got diarrhea).

I confused how to cure him. but he still want to eat.

I visited a doctor on a pet shop. the doctor said i need to give him “Flagin” to cure him and buy gastro intestinal (royal canin food products) if there’s no result in 2 days, i’ll take him to the doctor.


Flagin is a medicine for toddlers. So i visited this drugstore and the pharmacist told me to give him “Nifural”, he said it’s best for baby. i consider my cat as a baby –> he is not a kitten anymore though

(=_= “) sorry babe.

i checked on him everyday, keep him clean and fresh (do not bath him). gave more water and less on food ( when he is on diarrhea he will need a lot of water). put the medicine on his bowl of water. for the 1st night u have to focus to see his reaction. u’ll see it only in a night if it doesn’t good for your cat. see the progress, if nothing bad happens keep on give him the medicine for 3 days. why i dare to give him the medicine because it’s safe for baby human. so i think it’ll safe for my cat 🙂

and after three days, thanks to The God, he got better.


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Identity Name Card for your Locker

Identity Name Card for your Locker

I moved to a new office and they gave me a key for a locker. You can put your name on the door of your locker. so i made some ideas to it. i’ll realization this idea on monday morning 23 April 2012. lol. (i’ll put some pictures afterward)
here is my design: at first i didn’t design it with cats.. lol and then my brother told me to add cats in my design, to show that you love cats (maybe you can use your hobby if you don’t know what you love). for japanese words idea, i took it from my nick name, “iro”. so i want to show my colleague what’s the meaning of my nick name. it means “minds path”.
You can make your own design to make your locker looks more cheerful. please don’t forget to share me yours:)
(i’ll share mine after i put it on my locker)

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April 21, 2012 · 1:09 pm

wow…pengen beli deh..dimana ya belinya??

dream indonesia

Seperti halnya hewan yang telah mengalami domestikasi (penjinakan), kucing hidup dalam hubungan mutualistik dengan manusia. Tapi sejarah mutualisme ini jauh lebih pendek dibandingkan dengan hewan domestikasi yang lain dan tingkat domestikasi kucing juga masih diperdebatkan. Karena keuntungan yang diperoleh dari adanya kucing, maka manusia membiarkan kucing liar berkeliaran di pemukiman. Nenek moyang kucing rumahan tidak terlalu dekat dengan pemiliknya, berbeda dengan hewan domestik yang lain. Sejarah inilah yang mungkin menyebabkan tidak adanya ikatan yang kuat yang dimiliki kucing pada pemiliknya. Akibatnya, kebanyakan pemilik kucing menganggap kucing adalah hewan yang tidak terlalu peduli dan mandiri. Namun, kucing dapat sangat dekat dengan pemiliknya, terutama jika ia dibesarkan sejak kecil dan sering mendapatkan perhatian.


Bagi anda pencinta kucing tentu sangat menarik jika mengerti bahasa kucing.   Mungkin suara kucing kesayangan anda sangat mengganggu dan masalahnya anda tidak tahu apa yang sedang ingin diutarakan oleh si kucing.

Nah.  sekarang sudah ada Meowlingual yaitu alat penerjemah…

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Nice tips..i’ll try to follow them and give a review after a month

click your hobby

Memelihara kucing itu menyenangkan. Apalagi saya memang orangnya penyayang kepada sesama makhluk hidup #eeaaa. Meski terlihat meyenangkan, membuat kucing kita mudah diatur dan jadi penurut itu susah. Karena itulah, kali ini, saya ingin berbagi dengan para pembaca tentang bagaimana agar kucing peliharaan kita mudah diatur. Caranya beda dengan ketika kita mengatur adik atau pacar yaaa. Hehe

Yuk, simak tips berikut 😀

  1. Usahakan untuk memelihara kucing sejak usia masih kecil. Karena, di usia yang masih sangat kecil, akan lebih mudah baginya untuk terbiasa dengan kita. Sama halnya dengan manusia. Makin gede makin susah diatur.
  2. Beri nama kucing piaraan anda dan selalu panggil dia dengan nama itu. Dengan begitu, ia akan mengenali suara anda dan tau ketika ia sedang dipanggil. Lakukan hal ini sedari dia kecil.
  3. Pijat tengkuknya dan rajin-rajinlah mengelusnya. Sama seperti manusia (baca: cewek), kucing juga senang dielus, diperhatikan, dan di sayangi. Hehehe.
  4. Ajak dia main dengan mainannya favoritnya…

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