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Identity Name Card for your Locker

Identity Name Card for your Locker

I moved to a new office and they gave me a key for a locker. You can put your name on the door of your locker. so i made some ideas to it. i’ll realization this idea on monday morning 23 April 2012. lol. (i’ll put some pictures afterward)
here is my design: at first i didn’t design it with cats.. lol and then my brother told me to add cats in my design, to show that you love cats (maybe you can use your hobby if you don’t know what you love). for japanese words idea, i took it from my nick name, “iro”. so i want to show my colleague what’s the meaning of my nick name. it means “minds path”.
You can make your own design to make your locker looks more cheerful. please don’t forget to share me yours:)
(i’ll share mine after i put it on my locker)

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April 21, 2012 · 1:09 pm