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Long time no update!! I have closed my path account

Hahahaha! 2014 to be exact was my latest update in this WordPress page. When I saw my friend’s WordPress page, she is still updating hers, even if  just once a month. I feel so ashamed that I have neglected this WordPress page. forgive me, from now on I will try to update it  every once in a while and share my stories.


Img source:


Since I have been working in market research I have avoided sharing some knowledge that I gained from research projects. I don’t update in FB, twitter, path, Instagram, or any place where my clients or their competitors might see.  Yes, I really protect the confidentiality agreement very well.

About 1-2 years ago, I decided to uninstall my path account. You will see my reason.

There are some Social Media that I am still using, since I still get some benefits from them:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Linkedin
  4. Twitter
  5. Pinterest
  6. Path – uninstalled

I have a list of my reasons in using all the above:

  1. Facebook: Yes, I am still using Facebook and I am proud of it. lol. I gain so many information from Facebook, maybe because i have many friends that really love sharing  new things in their timeline, so I keep re-sharing some topics that catch my interest. Mostly I use Facebook as an educational portal or share some funny videos to brighten my friends’ day. It’s also a place for me to learn and speak out my thoughts. But I don’t really set my account settings to ‘public’, since I know not many people are open minded enough with everything that I share. Especially about political views or some hot issues around me.
  2. Instagram: I became more diligent in updating it since a year ago. I forgot what have triggered me the most. Currently I use Instagram to update my traveling experiences, sharing coffee or food, my pets’ pictures, my arts, cultures and fashion. I rarely update my own selfies or stuff from private life lol.
  3. Linkedin: it enables me to learn some tips from senior workers; observing people’s journey (especially in their career) is interesting. It helps you create a wider network of connections too, since  I am working in research. It also helps me to target some potential expert respondents to be interviewed by me.
  4. Twitter: I rarely update stuff on here. I only use it to read some news.
  5. Pinterest: As you may know, I make designs, drawings and I sew clothes. Pinterest is a source of information to help me in creating some creative designs and tips.
  6. Path: I got bored with Path. People update about themselves too much in Path, which is the same benefit you can actually get with Instagram. Personally, I don’t get why you still need Path. The only benefit that i can get from Path is the latest music update, lol. The purpose of path is to add some close friends so you can know them better. Aren’t you supposed to be close friends to add people on
    Path? So then why you do need to learn stuff about them in Path? Okay I will explain, Indonesian people has a tendency not to straightforwardly reject other people. “ga -enakan”  is a culture in Indonesia. The words means “uncomfortable” in Bahasa Indonesia; as in, you feel uncomfortable in rejecting people to their face. So in Path, even though  you are not close with some people, you still accept their friend requests because of this. That is the reason I uninstalled my Path app and never use it anymore. Beside, if I really want to know that person, I will approach him/her personally.

*Everything is based on my subjective views,  people can agree and disagree with me.


#socialmedia #indonesia #facebookexperince #pathexperience #socialmediafunction


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Mie Thai (Setiabudi one)

Okay, this is the 2nd time for me visited this restaurant. at first, i’m a little bit forgot that this was the same restaurant that i have visited with my boyfriend or not. when i see the quantity of the dishes.. okay i was certained that this is the same restaurant.

There’s no small menu on there, so just consider the standart size. the size is too small even it’s called as standart. but the service is pretty nice.Image the price is quite high and not equal with the taste, so far all my friends have said about their dissapointment regarded the food taste and the quantity.

so far all my team’s favorite is this barbecued gouramy, they didn’t dissapoint with this one 🙂

Barbecued Gouramy_Mie thai

The second one goes to this grilled squid, they added the sauce topping : taste a little bit spicy and sour, i think they use oyster sauce with chilli flakes

Grilled Squid

so far, those are the recommended dishes, if you want to ask about tom yum, the taste of tomyum sauce was not really tasty and no one vote for the dish. they didn’t even comment after taste it, so it must be…. 🙂

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4 Fingers Crispy Chicken

Have you heard 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken?

My friend Diaz just bought a voucher from disdus. he only needed to pay around 85.000 for 6 menus.

Diaz and yoha4 chicken fingers food

i ate with my friend at Epicentrum walk, the place is comfy and somehow make me remember of KFC/Burgerking, but this one is quiter and more comfortable (and of course more expensive lol)

Camera 360

if you want to hangout with your boyfriend/girlfriend, but you want to talk much instead of eating, you can suggest it to your boyfriend/girlfriend. at epicentrum walk, the place is just in the front of TVOne’s studio. near XXI Epiwalk.

The service is average, the food taste is no better, but still okay (they said the drumstick is very well-known, but unfortunately we can’t try that on that time, maybe next time).

from my perceptive, it’s just as good as i have visited this place :), but i didn’t feel any stimulations to make me want to visit this restaurant repetitively :). from the menu price is range between 30-50 thousand. i tried the Mint Tea, Rp. 13000 before tax.. the taste is pretty nice, but maybe they can make it a little bit better by using a pretty glass to make it looks more presentable (because they give me a plastic glass that looks so cheap, so i’m still thinking the taste is not equal with the price.)

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Comic cafe

i walked with my brother to find a dine in place. the weather was so hot, that’s why we changed our meeting place from pasar festival to epicentrum walk (i can’t stand with pasar festival temperature, no air conditioner at all).
my brother suggested because there are so many restaurants in epicentrum walk (with air conditioner, hehe)
so we took a walk around the mall to find any convenient place to hang out.
when we were on the 2nd floor of epicentrum walk, we caught the design of this restaurant which placed at the corner of the ground floor.
we were attracted to the front design of the restaurant, we were curious to find out what kind of restaurant was that. i caught a glimpse of the board name, Comic Cafe.
without thinking any more longer, we went down to the first floor.
i remembered that my boyfriend is really in love with marvel comic, i bet he would like to take some pictures of himself in this cafe. so i took some display pictures to boast it to him.




took some figure collections picture, i took a look at the menu. the menu design looks like a comic, (s

orry i forgot to take a picture of it). and in the end of the page we can see the summarize of the menu, lol (it’s easier to read the summarize it self).

because i was exhausted and too hungry, i have chosen Krakatao Fried rice, price range in IDR 40 thousand.then, my brother has chosen special fried rice with ham (but after he tasted what i have chosen..he changed his mind easily, lol)Image
for main dishes were rage between IDR 40-90 for the main dish. you can check the detail menu at: comic cafe menu
for pasta around 42 thousand. the interior rather cool with comic design on the top of each table. we can’t stop to take a look for their figure collections too, so if you are a marvel fans, this place is cool for you and your friends to spend your time for lunch or gathering.


oh ya don’t forget, the smoking area is at the 2nd floor, and the 1st floor is for non-smoking area.

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Laporan Survey Kepuasan Pasangan 2014

ngakak abis!

The Laughing Phoenix

Akhirnya sesudah mengumpulkan 1,186 responden, sejak tanggal 30 Desember 2013 sampai 3 Januari 2014, maka Survey Kepuasan Pasangan ditutup. Berikut adalah laporannya. Yay! 😀

Sedikit catatan mengenai interpretasi: Karena survey ini bukan survey yang “ilmiah” banget, maka gw merasa perlu memberikan sedikit catatan. Dalam menginterpretasi temuan di bawah, mohon pembaca jangan menggeneralisir hasilnya sebagai realita “seluruh orang”. Hal ini dikarenakan metode survey online yang belum tentu representatif dari total populasi. Jadi lebih tepat menginterpretasikan hasil berikut sebagai hasil dari “para peserta survey yang diadakan @newsplatter”, dan bukan menggambarkan “penduduk Indonesia”. Jelas yaaaa…..

Secara keseluruhan, seberapa puaskah responden akan pasangan mereka?

total score 2

Dari skala 1 – 5 (1=sangat tidak puas, 2=tidak puas, 3=sedang, 4=puas, 5=sangat puas), maka nilai rata2 skor berada di 3.74 (di antara “sedang” dan “puas”). Lebih detilnya, hampir separuh responden (49.3%) mengklaim puas dengan pasangan mereka, disusul 26.3% responden yang merasa “sedang” saja. 16.6% mengklaim “sangat puas”, dan ada…

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“Camera 360” online

Lol it’s not a real adobe photoshop or Camera 360 download links.

my office prohibited me to install any application, except we have proposed to the IT team first.

so i tried to find an alternative to edit the picture without install Adobe Photoshop(actually i have requested it, but the IT team said it’s difficult to find). 

so yesterday, i found this online link:


the application is rather similar with Camera 360 in android application, but still far from Adobe photoshop of course. but you can edit a simple thing such as :brightness, beauty, or adding some make up.

i think, it’s easy to edit with this website. i don’t have to waste my time to download it or confused how to do it.

try it by your self:)

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Membaca hasil lab darah rutin

nice input

Hnz11's Blog


Pemeriksaan darah rutin meliputi 6 jenis pemeriksaan; yaitu

  1. Hemoglobin / Haemoglobin (Hb)
  2. Hematokrit (Ht)
  3. Leukosit: hitung leukosit (leukocyte count) dan hitung jenis (differential count)
  4. Hitung trombosit / platelet count
  5. Laju endap darah (LED) / erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)
  6. Hitung eritrosit (di beberapa instansi)

Hemoglobin (Hb)

Nilai normal dewasa pria 13.5-18.0 gram/dL, wanita 12-16 gram/dL, wanita hamil 10-15 gram/dL

Nilai normal anak 11-16 gram/dL, batita 9-15 gram/dL, bayi 10-17 gram/dL, neonatus 14-27 gram/dL

  • Hb rendah (<10 gram/dL) biasanya dikaitkan dengan anemia defisiensi besi. Sebab lainnya dari rendahnya Hb antara lain pendarahan berat, hemolisis, leukemia leukemik, lupus eritematosus sistemik, dan diet vegetarian ketat (vegan). Dari obat-obatan: obat antikanker, asam asetilsalisilat, rifampisin, primakuin, dan sulfonamid. Ambang bahaya adalah Hb < 5 gram/dL.
  • Hb tinggi (>18 gram/dL) berkaitan dengan luka bakar, gagal jantung, COPD (bronkitis kronik dengan cor pulmonale), dehidrasi / diare, eritrositosis, polisitemia vera, dan pada penduduk pegunungan…

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